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We call it the Eliot Center for Health & Rehabilitation Difference. It’s the unique way that we deliver compassionate and personalized care for our residents and their families in a safe, healing environment.

“To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1

Call Eliot Center for Health & Rehabilitation to learn more about our helpful, professional respite care services in Natick, MA. 

Eliot Center for Health & Rehabilitation proudly offers respite care services in Middlesex County and the surrounding areas. We understand the physical and emotional demands of caring for a loved one. Strict physical therapy routines, prescription medicine administrations, and meal preps can leave caregivers with little time for themselves.

Our respite care services relieve passionate caregivers temporarily of their caregiving duties, giving them a much-needed break and a chance to recharge their batteries. We offer single-day, weekly, and monthly respite services to alleviate the stress of caring for aging, sick, or disabled family members. Our licensed and insured nurses and treatment providers have the training and experience to provide world-class care.

We take our respite care services exceptionally seriously, working directly with caregivers to ensure the comfort of beloved family members. If you feel overburdened by your caregiving responsibilities, contact the friendly staff at Eliot Center for Health & Rehabilitation today. Put your feet up, grab your favorite book, and rest confidently, knowing your loved one will receive the excellent care they deserve.

Our Respite Care Services

Caring for elderly or disabled family members requires love, patience, and attention to detail. At Eliot Center for Health & Rehabilitation, we go above and beyond to ensure the comfort and safety of your family member. We’ve provided respite care services for many years, giving our trained staff the experience to provide excellent care. 

Our impressive facility houses countless amenities to ensure your family member’s safety, comfort, and relaxation. We’ve helped patients suffering from the following conditions receive excellent care: 

  • Cardiovascular disease 
  • Diabetes Mellitus 
  • Alzheimer’s Disease 
  • Chronic kidney disease 
  • Dementia 
  • Autism 
  • Neuromuscular disorders 
  • Parkinson’s Disease 

When you choose Eliot Center for Health & Rehabilitation, you guarantee the health and safety of your family member. We conduct comprehensive health evaluations to ensure your loved one has everything they need. Our reliable respite services include the following: 

Pain Management 

Family members suffering from chronic or acute pain often require strict prescription medicine protocols. We note every vital medication and dosage to free your loved one from pain and distress. Our facility also has the equipment and resources to administer IV therapies; essential treatments for cancer patients and those with digestive issues. 

High-quality pain management treatments improve quality of life, reduce chronic pain, and help patients lead confident lives. We understand the distress of feeling stubborn pain and work tirelessly to help your loved one feel at home and at ease. Our treatment providers are trained in various physical and cognitive behavioral therapies designed to reduce pain and improve quality of life.

Nursing Care 

Our registered nurses approach respite care with the utmost care and concern for your loved one. As caregivers ourselves, we know that proper health care requires more than remembering when medicines need administering; we strive to build long-lasting relationships with our patients. Our nurses undergo extensive training to provide the highest-quality service possible. 

We treat our patients like family and never fail to exceed expectations. The next time you need a break from strenuous caregiving work, contact Eliot Center for Health & Rehabilitation. Well-rested, calm caregivers make better decisions and improve the living conditions of their loved ones.

Why Choose Eliot Center for Health & Rehabilitation 

Caregiver burnout affects countless families across the United States. Over 50 million Americans provide 24/7 care for their loved ones, a staggering statistic that seems equally incredible and concerning. Everyone needs a break, and Eliot Center for Health & Rehabilitation can help you get the rest you need.

Additional reasons to consider us for all your respite care needs include:


We work with Medicare and Medicaid providers to reduce respite care costs. We always seek ways to reduce the financial stresses of caring for chronically ill family members. 

Expert Care 

Leaving your chronically ill or disabled family member with an untrained third party proves incredibly daunting. A missed dosage can disrupt your family member’s daily routine and cause serious problems. Trust all your respite care needs to the trained, experienced, helpful professionals at Eliot Center for Health & Rehabilitation. 

Call Eliot Center for Health & Rehabilitation Today! 

Eliot Center for Health & Rehabilitation has served Middlesex County since 1925. We love serving our local community and look forward to helping you with all your respite needs in Natick, MA. Call Eliot Center for Health & Rehabilitation at (508) 655-1000 to speak with our friendly staff and learn more about our vast experience in respite care. 


Elizabeth Pavao
Elizabeth Pavao
July 6, 2022.
Clean. professional. Food tasty Patient care good
no name
no name
February 26, 2021.
Phil Rines
Phil Rines
October 18, 2020.
Mom was only there less than a month when she passed away. She was in quarantine for 14 days. At 100 with memory loss, she stopped eating after being removed from quarantine. The staff were so understanding and helpful with end of life care. We were able to visit her in her private room. The staff were very responsive to her needs and our questions. They made us feel like family even though they really didn't know us. So glad she was there for the end. Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank You!!

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